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On October 21st., 2017, we performed at the ACS Culture Festival that took place at E.E. Waddell Language Academy. Here are links to that performance:

MeiMei Lantern Dance & Gong Xi, Gong XiJieJie Yi Zu Dance - Solo: Whispering Wind

ACS Cult. Fest. - Lantern Dance

JieJie Group
ACS Cult. Fest. - Yi Zu Dance

ACS Cult. Fest. - Whispering Wind


In 2017 we started the season by performing at the Unity Fall Festival in Gandhi Park, at the old courthouse in downtown Charlotte. Here are links to both dances:

MeiMei Lantern danceJieJie Yi Zu Torch Festival

In 2016 We celebrated  the end of the Year of the Ram with the first performance of the Company's dance: "Tibetan Beauty", We performed this dance at the 40th iteration of I-Fest at UNCC. You can see this by clicking here. On November 21st, we performed a small version of this impressive dance with only three dancers: Elaine, Amelie and Athena. You can see that by clicking here.

Last year, in celebration of the CNY, we began the new year's performances with a "tour de force": two performances in one day! We first performed at the Peaceful Dragon and then traveled to Davidson College for dinner, dancing and fireworks! You can see some photos of this at the bottom of this page and you can read all about it here.

In February 2013,  we celebrated the New Year of the Snake by performing at Davidson College, The Myrtle Beach Art Museum and the FCC Chinese New Year Celebrations. This year we also performed at the Peaceful Dragon. More details on our recent performances are found here.

The year before that, also in February 2012,  we celebrated the New Year of the Dragon by performing at UNCC, Davidson College, The Myrtle Beach Art Museum and the FCC Chinese New Year Celebrations. We also performed at the Peaceful Dragon and the Asian & Dragon Boat Festival.

In 2009, we performed on September, 19th at the Asian Cultural Center - 701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209, for a fundraiser and on September, 20th, at the Festival in the Park.

The Taste of Charlotte Festival was a 3 day event, held in June, along Tryon Street - From MLK Jr. Blvd. to 6th Street, in the heart of uptown Charlotte!

You can see photos of some of the performances here:

 In May 2012, we performed at a Mother-Daughter Tea in Cornelius, NC. You can see photos of this special event here.
All our venues can be found here.
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 MeiMei Group (Asian Festival)

JieJies Tibetan Dance (Asian Festival)

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