Little Lotus Company

Membership Dues & Workshop Fees

(Please note: Make-up classes will be scheduled in case of regular class cancellations) 

    - Membership dues

           - MeiMei: $205.00 / Semester
           - JieJie: $205.00 / Semester

     - Please fill out and submit the Class Waiver (Mandatory)

    - Workshop Fees

         - Summer Dance Workshop Zoom fee: $125.00

 - Please fill out and submit Workshop Registration & Waiver (Mandatory)


Payment Option 1)

Pay dues using PayPal:

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Click link above to go to the PayPal site and log in to your account.
(Open an account if you do not have one. It's free & easy)
If you already have a PayPal account or balance, a linked bank account,
these payment options will be available to you on the review page.
Otherwise they will ask for your credit card information.

Send your fees to:

Payment Option 2)
 Mail check to:

Ms. XiaoSong Hè
1400 Baxter St.
Charlotte,NC  28204

 Please make all checks payable to:

XiaoSong Hè



(Proof(Proof of payment inscribed in attendance log - Digital Payment Receipt on  request) of payment inscribed in attendance log)
(Digital Payment Receipt on  request)