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2021 Parent Guidelines

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Parent Guidelines & Contract

Below is a general parent guideline to help explain what to do and what to expect when we are in class, and/or at a performance location. Please read it with your child/children and explain what are the LLCo. Rules for them to follow:

1. Committing to a Minimum Number of Performances:

Each student is required to participate in no less than 5 (FIVE) performances per season or school year. Five major events are highly recommended: UNCC's iFest, any two of the Chinese New Year celebrations, World Parade and Festival, and the Asian Festival-Dragon Boat Festival.

2. Performance Sign-up:

Parents are required to sign up for, or decline, other performance requests that we may get such as Taste of Charlotte, University YMCA's Block Party, any fund-raising occasions (United Way, “Hello, Asia!” for example), any K-12 school performances, etc., for your child(ren), at the time a performance opportunity is announced, so that plans for substitute dancers can be made in time and/or the choreography altered as needed.

3. New Students:

A new student who is admitted into LLCo. with little or no on-stage experience in front of a public audience is required to participate in performances by watching the experienced students perform for the first performance of the year. The new student would be a substitute backup should an absence occur among the performers. Parents of new students are strongly recommended to become members by logging to our website: - go to Member’s page and follow the prompts.

4. Policy on Absence (I):

A LLCo team member may not miss more than 3 (THREE) classes in a single semester term, unless an emergency notice is provided. This may be handled by a courtesy call or an e-mail to the Director, and/or one of the Board members. See a list of the Board members at the end of this document. On the 4th (FOURTH) absence, if NO notification to the Director via e-mail or phone call is received, the member will be asked to leave the Troupe. We respect you and your time, and ask no less in return.

5. Policy on Absence (II):

A LLCo team member must attend the last 2 (TWO) classes/rehearsals prior to a performance, unless the parent previously declined to participate in the performance at the time the performance date was announced, in advance, via e-mail/TeamSnap. Whether she is participating in the upcoming performance or not, please be reminded that the student may miss no more than 3 (THREE) classes per semester, which allows for illness or vacation. Emergency situations will be addressed on a case by case basis. A make-up rehearsal session might be set up depending on the availability of the rest of the performance team. Please DO let the Director know ASAP if your child has to be absent; The Director needs to plan to work with backups accordingly as soon as she receives your notification.

6. Performance commitment Conflicts:

If a student has made a commitment to a performance and has to back out of it later, a parent needs to contact the Director ASAP so she will have time to make adjustments regarding rehearsals/performance. We would love it if that happened rarely, but we understand situations DO happen.

7. Do Your Share to Keep Classroom Quiet:

It can be very distracting and disruptive to the students and teacher when parents or siblings are chatting while class is in session, so we ask that parents and siblings PLEASE leave the studio when classes begin. Please also arrive on time to pick up your child at the end of classes.

8. Advancement:

All students advancement are based on not only their age, dance skills, but also their maturity, their ability to take on more advanced challenges, such as more difficult techniques, movements, or introductory choreography, and their ability of working as a team player. Advancement should be challenging, not overwhelming.

9. Uniform & Dress Code:

Before class starts, your child's hair must be pulled back in a bun or in a ponytail. If she has short hair, make sure her hair is neatly pinned back. No hair should hang down on or over a student’s face, so please keep a hair brush in her dance bag!

- For the Jie Jie Class the lavender Chinese dance attire, as well as pink ballet slippers are required to be worn in every class.

- For the Mei Mei Class, your child should wear a light pink leotard with or without a skirt, with light pink tights and ballet slippers. The skirt can be attached to the leotard or be separate.

- Unless it is part of the costumes, NO jewelry or accessories may be worn in class or during any performance. If your child must wear earrings to class, they need to be studs ONLY.

10. Costumes

All costumes must be purchased and paid in full by the parent/guardian(s) of the student at the time they are received. At the parents’ discretion, old costumes in good condition may be donated to Little Lotus Company (LLCo) or passed on to a new member if so desired. It is suggested that if you buy it from an older member of LLCo, you may offer half of the original price, provided the costume is in a fairly good shape.

Keeping costumes clean and maintained in good repair is crucial. Any loose stitching or sequins should be repaired immediately. It is prohibited for students to eat or drink while wearing their costume. When eating or drinking is not avoidable, we highly recommend that you put an over-sized shirt over your child to prevent any grease stains or spills. Drink water instead of juice.


All props are purchased by LLCo and thereafter are LLCo property. Props purchased by parents should be kept in a clean and, as pristine as possible, condition for at least one (1) year.

12. Studio Fees:

In the past, LLCo. Used he Asian Library at no cost to us due to the generosity of Dr. Chung and the Asian Library. During Summer Dance Workshop, LLCo. makes a donation of $100.00 to the Asian Library annually. When we find a new location for this year, we will then update the information. For now, we have been using one of member's home as our temporary studio.

13. Dance Class Tuition:

Fall and Spring Semester fee of $220.00 are due on the first day of class, 9/10/2021; there is a 20% sibling discount. Parents who have issue with tuition may contact XiaoSong (Charlotte) Her for payment arrangements. Payments can also be made via PayPal (, or check. No class fees will be refunded.

14. Additional Solo, Duet, or Trio Dance Numbers, Costumes, and Classes:

A. Solo, duet, or trio are selected by XiaoSong (Charlotte) with dancers consent. Additional costumes will be purchased by parents. XiaoSong (Charlotte) volunteers to work on these pieces with her students, so there will be no additional class fees.

B. Additional Dance Costumes: Parents will be responsible for the Costume fee(s). Costumes are typically ordered custom-made from China and the cost usually ranges from $80-$150, and it can be higher depends on how completed and elaborated the costumes are. Dancers who are in multiple dances will need a costume for each dance; however, the Company tries to re-purpose costumes from previous years when possible. Each costume purchased by a parent belongs to the original dancer/parent unless the parent chooses to donate the costume to LLCo. Any costumes borrowed from LLCo must be treated with care and kept in good condition.

15. Food & Water:

No food, juice or gum is allowed in the studio except on special occasions. Water is allowed in the studio and a water/restroom break is provided during each class session.

16. Stay healthy physically:

Dance students must acquire healthy eating habits so that their bodies are able to take on rigorous dance training. Eat balanced meals that nourish and cleanse the body; drink plenty of water throughout each and every day; create and maintain a quiet, refreshing, environment for a good sleep.

17. Safety I:

Dancers should not run nor play games in the studio; LLCo wants to avoid injuries to the dancers and not incur any financial liability for any broken or damaged property. No one should play the piano without special permission from the Director.

18. Safety II:

Climbing on barres during break or before and after class is prohibited under any circumstance.


19. Illnesses:

If your child has a cold and is running a fever, please let her stay home and rest up. Have her follow the doctor's recommendations; drink plenty of water and an electrolyte drink, if applicable. Send the Director an e-mail or call her cell phone. Please do this ASAP or no later than 2 (TWO) hours before class starts. The Director will appreciate this courtesy very much.

20. Class schedule:

Class schedule is sent, via e-mail, to each LLCo member before the start of each new school year; in addition, it is also posted on LLCo’s website. With this information, vacations or other unrelated activities can be planned ahead of time. There will be occasions when we need to adjust our calendar, adding performances and additional rehearsals, so please read and reply to your e-mail often and let the Director know you receive these updates. Again, emergency absences are understandable, but will still count as absences.

21. Communication via Telegram

Group Communication for class/rehearsal updates and performance information is sent using the Telegram. All parents and/or dancers must sign up for the app in order to receive important communications and be able to respond for Performance commitments.

22. Income:

LLCo is a semi-professional performance company. We get paid to perform! Any payment from a performance by an event organizer will be announced in our group e-mail and will be spent on props and supplies, event registration fees, LLCo CNY celebration dinner and LLCo Family Dinner, class fees for guest speakers, filed trip, travel expenses on gasoline when we perform at an out of town location, and donations to the location where our Summer Dance Workshops take place.

It doesn’t matter which dance or performance earns us money, it should all go to a general fund as a result of our group effort, regardless of who participated in any particular performance. In other words, backups and newcomers should have the rights to use group props during future practices or performances even if they didn’t perform in a remunerated event, for example.

23. Grant Applications:

We started our first few grant applications in 2005 and will continue with this process. If you would like to volunteer for the task, or have any suggestions, please let XiaoSong (Charlotte) or any of the Board Officers know. See a list of the names and their duties at the end of this Parent Guideline.

24. Fund-raisers:

We will look into fund-raisers in the near future. Anyone who would like to volunteer in this area, please let the Director or any of the Board Officers know. There is a list of board members and their duties at the end of this document.

25. Team Effort:

Please remember, a good performing group reflects the effort of the team and relies on everyone’s cooperation and hard work. In our case, that goes for every member and her parent(s). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

23. Young Starters I:

Minimum age is FIVE 5 (FIVE) years old by June 1st prior to a new performance season.

24. Young Starters II:

It is preferable that new members have completed Kindergarten.

25. Prospective Students:

Prospective students should have one year of dance and/or gymnastics. One half year of each will also be considered.

26. Interested Students & Parents:

Interested students and parents must attend the Open House and/or the End of Year Celebration.

She must audition with the Director.

27. Contract Agreement:

Parents are required to submit a digital signature via our website, or an actual signature at the studio by the first day of Fall classes. Signing the “Rules and Regulations” will be a requirement for joining the troupe for the new season.

(Please see below)


28. Student-Instructor Ratio:

There will be a limit or “cap” on the number of members in the troupe, based on the ages and abilities of the dancers, student-instructor ratio and the director’s ability to work effectively with different ages and ability levels within the troupe.

29. Siblings:

Siblings are welcome to all performances or functions in which LLCo members participate. However, they are expected to follow any and all rules that apply to the members.

List of LLCo Board Officers:

Secretaries.......................... Andrew & Karen Rosner

Treasurer............................. May Johnston

Grant Officer….…………………. Diane Adams

Event Coordinator............... Karen Rosner & Diane Adams

Director............................... XiaoSong Hèr

Other Volunteers:

Big Sister, Little Sister Program Coordinator ……………. Karen Rosner

Big Sister, Little Sister Program Officers ………………..… vacant

Facebook Admin & Editor …........................................ Andrew Rosner & May Johnston

Web Master, Music & Video ……………..………................ J.-L. DeMontaron

Photography….............................................................. Kim Perez

Shutterfly Photobook Coordinator ……………..……………. Aimee Pfitzner

Best wishes to all!

Have a wonderful, exciting, remarkable performance year!

Ms. XiaoSong Hèr

Director of Little Lotus Company

704 759-4022




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